All your property documentation on hand, on line
Centrodoc provides an accessible secure online resource for all property-related documentation. From deeds, surveys and searches to contracts and building plans, insurance polices and statutory documentation, you can keep all your files together in one central place to access anytime, anywhere.
For property owners

Centrodoc provides a top-level resource for property owners and is structured to reflect the main document storage requirements of a property. Unlimited sub-directories can be added to suit your particular requirements, and Centrodoc has the ability to integrate various projects during a building’s lifetime, with the main asset documents giving future owners and professionals access to historical information.

This will preserve inherent value in reports and surveys commissioned by a building owner, and make updating and expanding reports considerably simpler and cheaper.

Centrodoc setup and operating costs can be commissioned as part of the normal asset management process and funded from service charges where applicable. Centrodoc is your active property archive.
For project management

Centrodoc is tailored to service live project-related requirements and allow a project team to centrally collaborate and share documents as they are developed, within a controlled online environment. 

Centrodoc facilitates easy, secure sharing of all project-related documents, plans, images and reports, thereby removing the need for large email attachments and giving the project team constant access to the latest versions of the project documentation. 

On completion of a project, the final information and relevant documents such as surveys, reports, CDM files and O&M manuals can be imported into the property file and will therefore be accessible to the main building users and managers (subject to security levels set on documents).
Latest news

March 2016: Centrodoc have a new contact number: 020 8398 1600

December 2012:
Centrodoc V2 now live!

An enhanced and upgraded Centrodoc Version 2 has now been released, with new features including easier uploading and bulk downloading. 

Centrodoc used for Forward Funding

"PIH used Centrodoc for the due dilligence documentation in the forward funding of a property.  It streamlined the process and we were complimented on the amount of information available and the ease of access to it. We would recommend using Centrodoc."  Richard Waple, PIH

Find out more

For more information about using Centrodoc for your property or project needs, contact us on 020 8398 1600 or email