• Where are my files and how secure are they?

A: Your files are stored on our secure servers. These servers are on a highly encrypted secure web hosting platform and are protected by an SSL (secure Sockets Layer) certificate and are encrypted to 256bits.This level of encryption is the same high level of security as most large online shopping sites.

  • What if I cancel Centrodoc?

A: If you cancel Centrodoc you will be required to give notice of your intention to cancel. At this stage you will be given the option to either have the account simply deactivated and its content and all your stored data files destroyed or you can order a hardmedia (DVD) backup of your files. The backup copy on hard media carries a fee depending on data size, please contact us for futher details.

  • Are my files backed up?

A: Yes, the secure server that your files are stored on are backed up on a rolling 12 hour cycled backup. If you require a more frequent backup process this can be arranged and ordered through the Centrodoc team. A cost for this depends on the backup method you require and the frequency.

  • What if I want to delete files?

A: Providing you have full administrator rights or are the account owner/manager you can do this from within your login area in the toolbox. Simply locate the file you want to delete through the folder structure and the delete function is located at the bottom of the file’s page.

  • Who owns the copyright to the documents?

A: You own the documents at all times and Centrodoc make no claim of ownership at any time on any data stored on our system.

  • What if the property is sold?

A: If a property is sold and the documents that relate to that property are to be disassociated with the account they reside, a new account can be created in the name of the new property owner and the documents for that property transferred to that account. There will be a fee for this service and the new property owner will have to sign up to a new service with Centrodoc in his or her name.

  • What if the account is not paid?

A: If an account is not paid, it will be suspended until such time as the fees are settled. The documents will not be deleted at this stage. However, if the account remains unpaid and payment cannot be sought through the correspondence, legal proceedings will take place and the documents may be deleted depending on the outcome of those legal proceedings.

  • What if I lose my laptop?

A: In terms of Centrodoc, this is not a problem as there is no software loaded onto your laptop that is required for using Centrodoc. For peace of mind, we recommend that you contact support@centrodoc.com to request a new login password.

  • Is access dependant on my broadband speed?

A: Like all websites, they perform better when the broadband speed is high and constant. Centrodoc will perform at slower broadband speeds but you may find it slower than usual if you are attempting to upload files to the system. We recommend that you contact your broadban provider to ensure that you are on the correct broadband for your needs. We recommend a minimum broadband speed of  2Mb.